Thursday, August 26, 2010

Pennies for Polio

Pennies for Penny for Polio. This challenge by the Rotary Club of Vancouver Quadra to all the clubs in District 5040 is generating some fun raising PennyWeights to support the $200M Challenge. A Penny Weight has been calculated as $250 - my weight in pennies! Rotarians from many clubs are bringing in their stashes of coins to support the cause.

A Single Malt box full of change
presented in Prince Rupert
Clubs are setting up Penny Pots to collect change each week. Some Rotarians are setting up Penny Pots in their places of business. Rotarian Ken from the challenging club has developed posters to advertize the campaign with a new poster each month. Thank you to everyone who is supporting the challenge. Send me your stories of Pennies for Penny for Polio.

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