Wednesday, August 25, 2010

North West Visit

Prince Rupert
August 21 to 26 club visits in the north west of District 5040. 1724 km from Vancouver to Prince Rupert, four club visits and three Rotary communities - Terrace, Kitimat and Prince Rupert. Heat and smoke during the two days of driving to the north west, then clouds and rain and cooler temperatures. Beautiful country every where we go. And of course warm welcomes from Rotarians and opportunities to learn about the clubs, their projects and their challenges. Lots of issues still in this area with changing economic times, mills closed or closing, forestry in decline and new opportunities on the horizon but not yet a reality.

Rotarians continue to provide service to their local communities, host Youth exchange students and take pride in their work. In Prince Rupert the two clubs merged at the end of last Rotary year forming a larger and stronger presence for Rotary in their community. The small club in Kitimat hopes to grow this year. Membership is their key issue for the year ahead if they want to remain a viable club. They are an enthusiastic and welcoming group. In Terrace the two clubs are active and maintaining their membership size and are visible in their community. Thank you to AG Nancy and her husband Odd for their support attending these meetings with Chris and I.

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