Friday, August 6, 2010

Pennies for Penny for Polio

The Rotary Club of Vancouver Quadra challenges every club in District 5040 to collect Pennies for Polio.  DG Penny has thrown her weight behind this effort. Quadra asks that you throw your weight behind DG Penny and tip the scales in every child's favour. Raid the piggy bank, save your spare change, collect from friends. Show the world that we care by collecting thousands of Penny Weights - one Penny Weight is worth $250. Contact Ken Kolotyluk for more information
Eight year old Lillian Beuschel daughter of RC of Quesnel Rotarian Rebecca Beuschel, raided her collection of pennies this week to support the campaign to eradicate Polio. Lillian presented 1.3 kilos of pennies - four dollars and thirty five cents to Governor Penny after hearing about the challenge from the RC of Vancouver Quadra to clubs to raise Penny Weights for Polio.
Thank You Lillian for your very special donation to save 8 children from getting Polio! Lillian has taken the lead - what can you and your club do?
Download the flyer with more information on the Pennies for Polio Campaign. Click HERE

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