Monday, October 18, 2010

Rotary on the Buses

Rotary bus ads are rolling on the streets of Metro Vancouver.
The Bus ads were officially announced at the Rotary Foundation Dinner
( L to R) Terry Miller, Pres RC of Vancouver, Rhino Rohrs, Pres RC of Burnaby
RI Pres Ray Klinginsmith, DG Penny Offer
The Rotary clubs of Metro Vancouver are running a 4 week advertising campaign in October.

The campaign is funded with the support of a Rotary International public relations grant, a donation from each of 22 District 5040 clubs in Metro Vancouver (based on a formula of $5 per member) and a 50% reduction in the cost of space by Lamar Advertising and BC transit. Rotary ads will be displayed on the outside of 50 metro Vancouver buses for 4 weeks.

The ads will display the district web site and an e-mail address. Please let DG Penny Offer ( if you spot a Rotary bus ad, even better send a photo.

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