Sunday, October 24, 2010

RC of Arbutus Roll Pennies

I had the opportunity on Saturday, October 23 to spend time with the members of the RC of Vancouver Arbutus rolling pennies for polio at Vancouver’s Arbutus shopping mall. The club members asked the community to bring in the jars, bags and boxes of coins and drop them off with the club members. The community responded not just with pennies but lots of nickels, dimes, loonies and toonies as well.
BC Education Minister Margaret MacDiarmid stopped by the Rotary “counting table” and donated her change.

The club members by the end of the day were experts on rolling 50 pennies. They could grab a handful and have the exact number for a roll.

Thank you RC of Arbutus!!
Education Minister Margaret MacDiarmid  & DG Penny Offer

The pennies pour in!!

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