Sunday, December 12, 2010

Bowen Island

I shared two days on Bowen Island on December 9th and 10th with the members of the Provisional Rotary club of Bowen Island. Bowen has a unique history in our community. From the early days of the Union Steam Ships to today's travel on BC Ferries people have gone to Bowen for the tranquility and beauty of the island. The tranquility is preserved even with the pressures of development.

Penny & Prov Pres Piers Hayes
 Provisional Club President Piers Hayes and other club members took Chris and me on a tour of Rivendell Retreat Centre. Rivendell is located on 6 1/2 acres atop Cates Hill on Bowen Island. This is truly a unique place for quiet reflection.
I learned the difference between a maze and a labyrinth. Bowen has a labyrinth designed and built by a member of the Bowen Rotary club. We walked the labyrinth. The labyrinth does not have a hedge rather it has a stone path to follow in an intricate pattern. 
The centre of the Bowen Labyrinth

In the evening the 15 members of the provisional club were joined by eight members of the sponsoring club, West Vancouver Sunrise, led by President Jason Bowman and 10 local residents interested in learning more about Rotary. The club meets at 7:30 PM on Thursday at the "Snug" in Snug Cove.
I had the opportunity to explain the basic principles of Rotary to the group; Jason Bowman gave an outline of the 4-Way Test and Rotary's commitment to high ethical standards. RRFC Chris gave an overview of The Rotary Foundation.
I am looking forward to the Charter night of the new Rotary Club of Bowen Island. I know they will charter in the near future.

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